David Schutz 2020 -

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Gesher (meaning Bridge in Hebrew) is the annual journal of the Council of Christians and Jews (Vic). It is a unique publication and one of the most highly praised journals in the interfaith world, both here and overseas. It has been published since 1990 and Gad Ben-Meir, the founding editor, has said that Gesher has become “a mirror of the CCJ's purposes, work and achievements, widely respected as the medium for meaningful inter-religious dialogue and relationships."




Gesher Editors

David Schutz  2020 -
Marcia Pinskier  2018 - 2019
Walter Rapoport 2013 - 2016
Dr Helen Light & Anna Epstein 2011- 2012
Albert Isaacs 2010
Morna Sturrock AM 2004 - 2008
Gad Ben-Meir  1990 - 2003


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